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Determining Your Placement in Chemistry at Truman College

1. If you have never, ever taken a chemistry course before you should take Chemistry 121: Basic Chemistry. You should only attempt this course if you have completed Math 99: Intermediate Algebra.

2. If you have taken Basic Chemistry or High School Chemistry before but it was more than five years ago you should take our free chemistry placement test in the departmental office with Joy Walker (department chair) jwalker@ccc.edu. This test will help you determine if you are ready for Chemistry 201: General Chemistry or if you should take Basic Chemistry: Chemistry 121.

3. To prepare for the placement test you may wish to work through a basic chemistry review and then go over the answers [This review is from Saskatchewan Evergreen Curriculum for Chemistry 30].

4. If you do well on the placement test and you believe you are ready to enroll in Chemistry 201:General Chemistry then you should carefully review the student learning outcomes of both Chemistry 121 and Chemistry 201 so you will have some idea what each course covers.

5. If you have already had Chemistry 201: General Chemistry then you may take Chemistry 203: General Chemistry II or Chemistry 212: Survey of Organic and Biochemistry. Which course you take depends on your goals. Most Nursing Programs (BSN) want students to take Chemistry 212: Survey or Orgainic and Biochemistry. Pre-med, Pre-pharmacy and Nutrition programs often require Chemistry 203: General Chemistry II and Chemistry 205: Organic Chemistry I.

6. You should obtain information from the program you are planning to enter.

7. If you think you should be able to skip Chemistry 201: General Chemistry and go straight to Chemistry 212: Survey of Organic and Biochemistry this will only be possible if you take my Chemistry 201 final exam, pass it, and meet with me to determine your readiness to take Chemistry 212.

8. I will evaluate transcripts to determine if you have taken courses equivalent to our Chemistry courses. Email me, Prof. Walker, jwalker@ccc.edu, for an appointment.

9. If you have taken Chemistry 201: General Chemistry and wish to take Chemistry 205: Organic Chemistry I the answer is NO. Chemistry 203: General Chemistry II is the correct prerequisite for Chemistry 205: Organic Chemistry I.

10. If you believe it is in your best interests to take Chemistry 203 and Chemistry 205 concurrently you need to make an appointment with me to discuss this possibility. You must bring evidence of superior (grades of A) performance in your college courses.

11. If you still have questions after reading these guidelines please email me, jwalker@ccc.edu, Department Chairperson for Physical Sciences and Engineering at Truman College.