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Chemistry: Joy Walker and Charlie Abrams on The Professors

Chemistry and Food: The Professors, After Show Video

Chemistry: Ten Important Reactions

I’ve made a list of ten reactions I would like all my students to know:-)

Chemistry and Gardening: Cyanogenic Plants

The mysterious case of the dying cows

Sunny Otake, a chemistry student at Truman, sent this link to me:

This is a fascinating article on so many levels – and a good illustration of the complexities of problem solving. I hope you will read it and follow some of the links to learn more about cyanide.

ACS Honors African Americans in the Chemical Sciences

Black History Month celebrates the achievements and contributions of African Americans to American culture and society. Learn about scientists who overcame great odds to pioneer some of the most important discoveries and developments in our history.

Chemical Free??

Chemical Free Food

A sign on a restaurant window

It always amazes me to see these kind of signs or labels. I mean what does this mean really? What does it mean to be “chemical free”? Is not all matter chemical? Some chemicals are villainized – bad, bad chemicals – and this is done to promote the sale of “healthy” food – but how do we determine what is really going on? What exactly is in a hot dog? Certainly there are many, many chemicals. If we remove chemicals – such as nitrate preservatives then we have to ask ourselves what is happening to the food over time when it is no longer fresh. Chemical changes are taking place all the time. Nitrates are added to preserve color and maintain microbial safety. Are nitrates harmful? How do we know? Are microbes harmful? Certainly some are and, well, some aren’t. Chemicals are not good or bad – they just are – and it is very important for us to understand the role they play in our physiology so we can make good choices for our health. I would hope that we would be interested in a deeper understanding of our world than what is implied on hyped up window ads but are we prepared to make good decisions and to separate information from misinformation? What do you think?

GMO = genetically modified (food)
HFCS = high fructose corn syrup
GME = genetically modified engineering

ACS Scholars Program

Scholarships for African Americans, Hispanic, and American Indian Chemical Science Students from ACS (American Chemical Society) are available. The deadline to apply is March 1, 2011.

Beginning Wednesday – Chemistry Through Food

Chemistry Through Food

A series of entertaining lectures and demonstrations about chemistry and about food presented by Professors Charles Abrams and Joy Walker. Each session will include fascinating stories about food and its preparation with emphasis on the chemistry that underlies the way we experience food. Optional tasing opportunities are provided. You will learn actual practical chemical concepts that will change the way you think about food and its preparation. There are seven sessions. Fee $149.

When and Where…

These lectures take place at Truman College, 1145 W. Wilson Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60640 on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Call (773) 907-4440 for more information or to register. You may also email questions to Professor Charles Abrams, and Joy Walker

Watch the video: 190 North: Truman College Chemistry through Food

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