Chemistry 121: Exam on Tuesday

On Tuesday you will have your first exam. Here is a checklist of problems and concepts you will need to know:

Be able to:

  • count significant figures in a number
  • perform addition/subtraction and multiplication/division and present the answer with the correct significant figures
  • explain the difference between precision and accuracy
  • convert numbers from decimal form to scientific notation and vice versa
  • carry out metric conversions with the units of milli, kilo, and centi
  • carry out metric to English conversions given the correct conversion factors
  • solve density problems
  • explain the difference between kinetic and potential energy and give examples
  • give┬áthe symbols and names of the most common elements (highlighted in yellow on your periodic table)
  • classify matter as gas, liquid, solid, and colloid and give examples
  • name the types of phase transitions: melting, condensing, evaporating, etc.
  • calculate heat, mass, change in temperature or specific heat using the heat equation
  • calculate an unknown specific heat using the heat transfer equation
  • explain the terms of the scientific method: hypothesis, law, theory, qualitative and quantitative data, observation

What will be given to you:

I will print the heat transfer equations on the exam. I will also give you any English – Metric conversion factors. I will remind you that the density of water is 1.00 gram per milliliter and that the specific heat of water is 1.00 calorie or 4.184 joules per gram-degree. I will also give you a copy of the periodic table with the symbols but no names printed on it.


Email me if you have any questions…

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