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Chemistry 121: Reminders for Tuesday Sept. 3rd

Please remember to bring your laboratory notebook!! Also you need to have the laboratories for September 3rd already printed. Keep checking the syllabus to know what each class day will require. We will have our first quiz on Thursday and it will cover material in Chapter One and Chapter Two. You should be reading the textbook. Also remember to dress appropriately for laboratory – no sandals, no shorts, minimize bare skin. This is for YOUR safety. Enjoy the holiday. See you soon!

Chemistry 121: Small Group Study Session

There will be a small group study session for Chemistry 121 held regularly on Wednesday in my office РRoom 3824 - from 12 to 2. Mark Carter will conduct the session.

Chemistry 121: First Day Homework


1. Bring a laboratory notebook and a calculator to every class. The notebook should be left blank until we discuss how to set it up. For more information visit:

2. Fill out the student interview and email it to

3. Sign up for website log in section

4. Read “Introduction to the Scientific Method” by Frank Wolfs and answer the questions.

5. Begin to learn the names and structures of the polyatomic ions. Don’t wait until this comes up in class – start now to have enough time!!

Chemistry 201: First Day “To Do” List

1. Sign Up for the course website
2. Fill out student interview and email to
3. Memorize all of the polyatomic ions (as soon as possible – begin NOW)
4. Print first lab (remember No Sandals and No Shorts in lab)
5. Buy a lab notebook (less than $5) but do NOT write in it.

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