Chem 121: Chocolate Mousse and Elemental Business Cards

We’ve been learning about colloid: one phase of matter dispersed in another. This classification of matter includes foams, slurries, smoke, jello, clay, homogenized milk, and many other substances. What better way to learn than to make a delicious colloid – chocolate mouse – a dispersion of chocolate fat and air in water.

Making chocolate mousse

Making Chocolate Mousse: Melting

Chocolate Mousse is made in two steps – the chocolate must be melted with water and then whipped into a foam.

Making Chocolate Mousse

Making Chocolate Mousse: Whipping

Once the mousse is finished  students learned about the elements by trading business cards they’d made on a chosen element. This gave each student a chance to teach the class about the element they had researched.

Trading Business Cards

Trading Business Cards

This activity is also described in the following video:

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