Gardening: Annuals

The daffodils and tulips have faded and the most of the perenials have yet to bloom. This is a great time to give a home to some annuals – bursting with color and full of the promise of summer sun.

I have chosen mostly yellow blooms but I’ve created an orange area behind the strawberry planters. In the background of this photo you can barely see the columbine that just bloomed this weekend. Here is a closer look:

It’s the bunch of flowers in the back on the right. There will soon be columbine on the left but this area has less sun and this means the blooms open later. A few mums and a begonia add come orange color. If you look closely on the right in the back you will see celery growing in the greenhouse. The greenhouse is a great place to temporaily keep flowers until you find their special spot.

Paolo is still adding new elements to the pond. He rigged up a strawberry planter to form a gentler water stream. He’s adding rocks to give the pond a more natural appearence.

One of the rewards of spending a lot of time outside is having visitors stop by to let you know they approve of your work. This visitor has been happily grabbing worms as I move the dirt around.

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