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Physical Science 107: Challenge

For credit – take a bag with you and walk around one city block looking for plastic items that have been thrown on the ground. Pick them up (you may wish to wear disposible gloves) and collect them in your bag. At then end of your walk take a picture of what you’ve collected and send it to me via email ( Then throw the plastic trash away:-)

Chem 201: Exam One List of Topics

Please focus on the following topics:
Empirical Formulas
Combustion Analysis
Hydrate Analysis
Oxidation States
Nomenclature (Especially Polyatomic Ions)
Stoichiometry (mass-mole and solution)
Percent Yield
Redox (Balancing in Acid)

I will be available all day tomorrow (except when I am in class from 11 to 12:20). My office phone number is 773-907-4698.

Physical Science 107: Cabbage pH indicator

Here is the scale of colors for the cabbage juice that tells you the pH. Remember that the solution you test must be colorless or the scale may not match. Use this scale as a guideline. If you wish to prepare this pH indicator read more.

Physical Science 107: Ocean Acidification

Please prepare for this topic by reading the following document:

Announcements: Truman has programs to help you stop smoking

The Courage to Quit group will be meet from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. today, Feb. 15 in Lecture Hall C, room 3641, facilitated by JP Jael of Asian Human Services and Karen Caldwell-Littleton, the Truman Wellness Center manager.

The Wellness Center will continue to partner with Asian Human Services to provide ongoing support to individuals and groups. The grant funding the Courage to Quit program for Asian Human Services will expire by March, but they have offered to continue working with Truman to provide some support, including ongoing smoking cessation support groups and distribution of the current supply of materials.

If you cannot attend today’s session you may call Karen Caldwell-Littleton (773) 907 4045. The wellness center is in room 177 in our new building.

Physical Science 107: Jeopardy

Please visit this page to find links to jeopardy games


Chemistry 201: Small Group Sessions on Thursday

Two small group problem solving sessions are scheduled for Thursday. One will be at 9:30 am. The other will be at 1:00 pm.

Small group sessions are an excellent way to go over the techniques for problem solving at your own pace.

Small group sessions meet in my office – Room 3826.

Chem 201: Website for practicing equation balancing

Let me know if you like it.

Physical Science 107: Ozone Lesson

Notes, take away points and a very short powerpoint have all been added to the ozone lesson. This lesson is now complete. Please go over the contents of this lesson to be sure you have learned the main facts and concepts.

Physical Science 107: The Ozone Hole

From the background information listed in the lesson the most important piece is the video that is the second link. Everyone should watch this video.

Scholarship: Hispanic Students Scholarship Opportunity

I was given this link for a scholarship.  It is specifically for Hispanic students going into STEM.  It is a one time $2,000 scholarship. The deadline is on March 15th.

P.S. STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Chemistry 201: First Small Group Study Session

The first small group study session will be held in my office (Room 3826) on Thursday February 9th at 4PM.

Physical Science 107: Funny Video About Climate Change

I think you will enjoy watching this video:

and we can discuss what this is saying about the pubic understanding of climate change.

Chem 201: Pink Slime

I will be discussing the chemistry of this article in class on Monday. You might find it interesting…

Physical Science 107: Please check the schedule after each class

The schedule of the course: is being filled out as we go along so it is always changing as new information is added. Because I’m teaching this course for the first time I am learning how long each lesson takes. I’ve put up the date of the first unit test. The test will cover lessons 1,2,3 and4. Here are some tips to be ready:

1. Be sure you can answer the questions in each unit. If you don’t understand something ask about it in class!

2. Read at least two newspaper stories, more if you can, and write summaries in your journal. The goal of this class is to improve your understanding of CURRENT PUBLIC issues in Physical Science – and so I want to help you understand these news articles better.

3. Develop your glossary. Nobody knows all the words in the English language – but we are always learning new words. As you are reading pick out some words whose meanings you don’t know well – and look them up in a dictionary (book or online). Write the definitions in the glossary section of your journal.

4. On your own – follow the background links – as many as you can. Look around at these websites. Watch any videos that are posted. All this exposure to information will help you develop good questions to ask in class!

5. COME to class. Missing class is the worst thing you can do in this course. If you are there and you are participating you will do well. Be there or be square:-)

See you next class!

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