Gardening: New Developments

The greenhouse is finally finished – the last wall took a long time to complete because the kit was missing a piece and when it came it seemed my time and good weather were never coordinated.


Through the front door.

I’m growing lettuce in the hanging baskets, potatoes in the big tub, brussel sprouts, broccholi, spinach, zucchini, carrots and celery in the wooden frame. The bucket of water is just sitting there evaporating keeping the humidity high. So far the plants look healthy but they still have a lot of growing to do and I’m not sure they have enough room.

Behind the greenhouse is my wildflower area. I threw so many different kinds of seeds on the ground that I have no idea what is going to grow there. One of the plants you can see is buckwheat. It is a cover crop – it has the kind of roots that harbor bacteria that fix nitrogen. At the end of the summer I will plow this little field under – but not before I harvest some sunflower seeds and cabbage. I’ve also hidden a few herbs: oragano and thyme. Do you also see dill and chamomile?


Anything goes in this mix of herbs, wildflowers and buckwheat.

 Oh and did I mention the alliums? I’m growing onions and garlic. I’m just beginning to learn a little bit about the chemistry of this family of plants. They produce some interesting compounds that contain sulfur.

And one last update – my son finished landscaping the pond. He then dumped his two goldfish into it and they seem to really be enjoying all the space. They spent the winter in a five gallon tank.


Pond water is full of nutrients for plants

 On the left next to the yellow yarrow plant you can see a little of the gooseberry plant that is growing. Just about all the plants I’ve added to the garden this Spring are perennials. I’m hoping next Spring will be a lot less work. Berries are easy to grow and delicious. Right now I have rasberries growing but no berries yet – they need lots of sun and we’ve had a rather cloudy Spring. I’m also trying to grow blueberries and strawberries. It’s too soon to know how they will turn out.

So far I’ve mostly used herbs from the garden. Tonight we had some spinach and kale from the garden. The plants are still small so we didn’t eat much but it is a start. It is possible to grow your own food – even in the city.

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