Gardening: What’s blooming?

The stella d’oro (star of gold) is in full bloom beside the pond. 

Star of Gold

Stella D'Oro, a beautiful Daylily

 The fern that was recently transplanted has settled in nicely. Ornamental grasses are starting to spread. The cool weather and cloudy skys limit the sunshine and warmth that promote rapid growth. The small daisies are in full bloom and look wonderful beside the clematis. The pond water is full of algae so I’ll be buying some algae eaters at the pet store today.

In another part of the garden the wildflowers are coming up. And who would have believed that buckwheat, a cover crop that improves the soil, could be so beautiful. I love to see all of the white flowers. Today I saw a very plump bumble bee enjoying the blossoms.

Buckwheat and an Aspiring Sunflower

But my favorite blossom today is the tiny, delicate, yellow blossom of tarragon, an herb used in France. It looks so lovely next to the begonia flowers. The variety shown here is not French Tarragon but another hardier tarragon.


Tarragon (Dragon's Wort)

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