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Exploring Chemical Change

bag experimentBag experiments provide a way to observe a variety of chemical changes and to deduce which chemicals cause which changes. Chemical changes include evolution of gas bubbles, changes in color, evolution of heat and formation of precipitates. Here 121 students take a close look at what happens when acetic acid, calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and phenol red are combined.

Introduction to Quantum Chemistry

Please read this primer on the Quantum Theory of the Atom.

Please watch the video: Dr Quantum – Double Slit Experiment on You Tube.

Please watch the episode of NOVA called The Elegant Universe

We will also study the photoelectric effect by doing a laboratory using a simulation program. To find the laboratory go to the lab section on the website and look under Activities for Photoelectric effect. Here is a direct link to the pdf version. A word doc is also available.

This lab uses the following interactive simulation to study the Photo Electric Effect. To run this program click the green Run Now! button.

We will do this simulated laboratory in class but I would like you to take a look at it ahead of time.

Finally, Richard Feyman has written an awesome article called Atoms in Motion that I’ve assigned you to read.

All of these links are in the Student Resources part of the class website.

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